How to Get Free UK Phone Number in Nigeria Easily

All you need to know on how to get free UK phone number in Nigeria. Need to communicate with your loved ones or friends in the UK at a cheaper rate? With the power of technological innovations in this 21st century, you can do this easily. In this write-up, we will guide you about how you can turn your phone number in Nigeria, starting with +234, to a UK phone number, starting with +44. Once you’ve acquired this UK number, all calls placed on it will be diverted to the Nigerian phone number you provided. This service is free of charge and you won’t have to make any payment on any of both numbers, too.
As earlier stated, the service is beneficial in lowering call charges because when you acquire a UK phone number, your family or friends in the UK will only be charged for calling a UK phone number, rather than being charged for making international calls. Besides, this service can help protect your real identity while transacting with people internationally. You can share the UK phone number with people to call you on, without revealing your actual phone number.
On a lighter note, you can you use the service to play a prank on your friends. You can tell them you are now in the United Kingdom and give them your UK phone number, without them realizing that you are actually in Nigeria.
Are you worried that changing your Nigerian phone number to a UK phone number might take a long time? You needn’t worry as the process only lasts for 4 or 5 minutes. This makes it easy for you to terminate the service at any time you want and still reactivate it when needed. Explained below is how to get free UK phone number in Nigeria in easy ways.
How to Get Free UK Phone Number in Nigeria
Go to or
On either of the sites, click on the link for registering for the service
Then complete the registration form, supplying the required information correctly
Keep in mind that you will have to provide your Nigerian phone number in one of the columns. In this column, you will see “+234” which is got from your IP or from the information you gave about your country of origin, or of residence. In filling your phone number in the column, remove the first “0” and input the remaining digits. For example, let’s say your phone number is 08065435188; you would input “8065435188 in the box. So that the result will look like this: +2348065435188.
Also, you will have to supply your email address because that is where the PIN, a headline number and other instructions will be sent. After receiving the PIN and the headline number, make sure you keep them safely as they will be required for activating the UK phone number.
Then, call this headline number with your original phone number and you will be instructed to press the new (UK) phone number that is given to you. Do as instructed. Afterward, you will be asked to press the PIN sent to your mail; do this, too. Once you have correctly carried out these steps, you will be informed that your UK phone number is now activated.
The next thing is to confirm if the new number is now active. This is how to do the confirmation:
Use a different phone and call the UK phone number sent to your email
Make sure you don’t call the number as it appears; replace the first “0” with “+44”.
For instance, if the phone number mailed to you was “080934562189”; replace the first “0” with “+44”, so that you now have “+4480934562189”. You can now call this phone number.
That is how to get free UK phone number in Nigeria the easiest and fastest way, this is also completely free. After following the above-mentioned steps, you can give your UK phone number to your business partners, family and friends in the UK; when they call you on the line, they’ll be charged at local phone call rates in the UK.

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