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Spaklit is a third-party platform that allows you to earn extra income from media companies around the world thereby increasing their sales and brand awareness on the internet.

Those that purchases Subscription on our platform are given the opportunity to earn 3.5% of their current balance on our platform. Your money on Spaklit grows everyday as you logged in to the website daily.

To register on Spaklit is free. After registration you will be given a welcome bonus of N200.

This is how our system works.

If you subscribe on any of our subscription plan, you will be earning 3.5% of your current balance daily. So for a start, that is your first day, if you subscribe with N2,000 your balance will be N2,200 and Wallet Balance will be 2,200/100 x 3.5 = N77. That means your balance will be 2,200 + 77 = N2,277. The following day your earnings will be 2,277/100 x 3.5 = N79.6. That means your Wallet Balance will be 2,277 + 79.6 = N2,356.6.

If you start with N50,000 your balance will be N50,200 and Wallet Balance will be 50,200/100 x 3.5 = N1,757. That means your balance will be 50,200 + 1,757 = N51,957. The following day your earnings will be 51,959/100 x 3.5 = N1,818.495. That means your Wallet Balance will be 51,957 + 1818.495 = N53,775.495.

NOTE: Wallet Balance can be withdrawn at any time.

That is how the system works. More information on the different subscription plans is on the Dashboard, which is the homepage of all registered members.

Members can withdraw their earnings anytime. And withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. All members are expected to leave at least N1,000 on their Wallet Balance that they can always work with. That means if your have N5,200 on your Wallet Balance, you can only withdraw at least N4,200 and the remaining N1,000 will be on your Wallet Balance.

Before placing a withdrawal request, you must have at least N4,000 on your Wallet Balance or N3,000 on your Referral Earnings


AFFILIATE COMMISSION – As A registered member, you earn a cirtain affiliate commission for introducing new members to the ecosystem after a successful registration. Commissions earned is dependent on the subscription plan bought by the person you refer to joins the platform through your referral link. You earn N700, N1,500, N2,000, N2,500, N3,000 and N5,000 when an introduced member buys any of the Premium, Gold, Ultimate, Classic, Elite and Professional respectively.

Referral Earning is = N700 (Premium), N1500 (Gold), N2,000 (Ultimate), N2,500 (Classic), N3,000 (Elite) and N5,000 (Professional).

Referral Earnings will be updated on your Dashboard immediately after your downline has successfully subscribed to a plan.

Referral Earnings can be withdrawn once you have up to N3,000. And withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Spaklit is here to give you the finacial freedom you need during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Anyone can register on Spaklit , and can buy subscription of any amount ranging from N2,000 to N100,000. This is a double-harvest project without any risk. Your money for your subscription can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions. With Spaklit there is a 3.5% earnings for you everyday.
For registration go here 👉 Referral Link
For details call/whatsapp +2348135314919

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